Rug Limited Warranty

2-Year Rug Wear Limited Warranty

TA STUDIO warrants that, for two (2) years from date of original delivery, when installed and maintained as recommended by TA STUDIO, your rug will retain at least 90% of its pile fiber, subject to the following limitation:

This warranty does not cover use of rugs on stairs.

This warranty does not cover tears, burns or cuts, or pile loss or damage due to improper use of the application of improper cleaning agents or maintenance methods.

If dissatisfied with the wear performance, the owner must notify TA STUDIO and permit TA STUDIO to test the rug(s).

Subject to the foregoing, if the rug is found to have lost more than 10% of its pile fiber, TA STUDIO will replace the original rug in the affected room or area, free of charge, except that no charges for moving or replacing equipment, furnishings, partitions, etc., will be allowed.

1-Year Manufacturing Limited Warranty

TA STUDIO offers a limited one (1) year warranty for their exclusive rug collections against manufacturing defects. If a manufacturing defect has been identified upon receipt of rug, or develops under normal conditions of use, TA STUDIO will repair or replace the damaged rug, at their option, without charge.

There are outside elements that may affect your rug’s appearance over time. Many of these conditions are not covered under this warranty.

These conditions are normal and are not considered manufacturing defects. These include, but are not limited to the following:

a) Due to the use of natural fibers and dyes, color and texture may vary slightly from specification samples or from one rug to another.

b) Roll marks are caused by rolling the rug for shipment, but will normally disappear with routine vacuuming.

c) Shedding is normal for new rugs, especially those with cut piles, and will decrease significantly with routine vacuuming.Small filaments of yarn that dislodge and gather on the carpet surface, especially in busy areas, may cause piling and shedding, and this will also minimize with regular vacuuming.

Matting or crushing can occur in all rugs, especially at pivot points and traffic paths.

TA STUDIO recommends rotating the rug(s) 180 degrees every 3-months to minimize these characteristics. d) Highlighting and shading, particularly in cut pile rugs, result from light reflecting at different angles on the surface. Watermarking and pooling is caused by the reversal or bending of carpet fibers so that light is either absorbed or reflected from the surface. Occasional sprouting, pulls, or loss of single tufts of fiber is normal. Simply trim, do not pull, the tuft with sharp shears and vacuum.

Routine care and cleaning are vital to maintaining long-term durability and appearance of TA STUDIO Rugs.