The Mixy is one of three styles in fiber artist Trish Andersen's debut rug collection.  Inspired by Trish's colorful and flowing fine art work, each rug is guaranteed to create a bold statement in your home.  Grounded in black and white stripes, the Mixy features large scale "drips" that intertwine with one another in a graphic display of pattern and joy.


Rugs are a mix of high plush cut & loop piles in Mediterranean Wool, meticulously hand tufted in India.


  • Construction: Hand Tufted Wool
  • Yarn/Pile Content: Mediterranean Wool
  • Pile Finish: Cut, Loop, Loop Tip Shear 
  • Yarn Count: 1/70
  • Total Height Including Backing: 3/4 in
  • Backing: Cotton
  • Recommended Use: Residential and Light Public Space use
  • Made by hand to order in India  
  • Lead time approx 16 - 24 weeks
  • NEED A LARGER SIZE? please email 
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  • Photos show 6'x9 and 2' 6 " x 8' rugs. Click here for mock ups of each size, as the design crops rather than scales per rug size.  

  •  All specifications are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances. There may be a slight variation between the actual product and the specification above. Actual yarn colors may vary +/- 5%. Actual sizes may vary +/- 2%.


Photos by Chia Chong